Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"
Group Exercise

The 12 Questions Posed by Otto Scharmer¹

  1. What in your current personal and professional situation are the key challenges and the emerging areas of possibility that your life asks you to address?
  2. Your key question: What question, if explored more deeply, could help you to address your current situation better and to take the next step in your personal/professional journey?
  3. When do you feel your heart opening–what do your truly love? What are the situations in which you experience your heart opening?
  4. Imagine you could fast forward to the last moments of your life, when it is time for you to pass on. Imagine yourself looking back on your life’s journey as a whole. What would you want to see in that moment? What would you want to be remembered for by the people who come after you?
  5. Let’s now return to your current situation. Imagine you could link to your highest future possibility–to your highest or best future Self–and that you could ask one question to which you would get a meaningful response. What question would you ask of your highest future self.
  6. Now pause and stay in silence to listen deeply to the response that your future Self wants to give to you. Stay with it and then write it down.
  7. Crystallize your vision and intention: What vision do you have for yourself and your work? What are some of the essential elements of the future that you want to with your work and life (personal, professional, social...)?
  8. What would you have to let go of in order to bring your vision into reality? What is the old stuff that must die?
  9. Where in your current life do you experience the seeds and the early beginnings of the future that you want to create?
  10. Over the next three months, if you were to prototype a microcosm of the future in which you could explore by doing, what would it look like?
  11. Who are the core partners and helpers that would help you bring it into reality–and that could support you in your highest future intention?
  12. If you committed to taking on the project of bringing into reality, what practical first steps would you take over the next 3-7 days?

    ¹ These are the questions posed by Otto Scharmer in his keynote address to the Society for Organizational Learning's Global Forum held in Vienna (Austria) in September, 2005